Cape Argus High School Quiz

Our Sans Souci learners once again took part in the annual Cape Argus High School Quiz.

After a month of reading local and international news in the Cape Argus, and participating in weekly first-finger-on-the-buzzer-quizzes, Kauthar du Toit, Saar-rah Daliath, Celine Isimbi and Rebekah Brand-Marais (all in Grade 11)  made it to the Top 64 in this tough competition! Hats off for going that extra mile.

Well done to first-time participants – the teams of Angel Yakobe, Zintle Grey, Juliana Kepiar and Kauthar Allie (Grade 8 & 9) and Barbara Ndayisaba, Manela Mukangwa, Sibongile Ngcetani and Gabilie Kumalo from Grade 11 – for competing this year.

Sans Souci look forward to participating again in 2018!