About Us

Sans Souci strives to create a vibrant, nurturing and contented environment; one that promotes academic excellence and empowers its learners by fostering compassion, mutual respect, dignity and social responsibility. Learners are encouraged to develop into confident, multi-skilled young women who are comfortable with who they are, committed to life-long learning, and capable of making a valuable contribution to society.

Our Mission Statement

Sans Souci is committed to striving for:

Academic ExcellenceProviding high quality relevant education which provides the opportunity for each and every pupil to fulfil her potential.

Holistic EducationChallenging and empowering pupils to make a positive, caring contribution to a changing society; promoting growth of character and personality through a multi-faceted academic and extra-curricular programme.

Loyalty and Democratic PrinciplesPromoting respect for the beliefs, values and rights of others; accepting that responsibility and accountability are integral to freedom. Ensuring that the name of the school is upheld in a positive manner at all times. Using the developing social networking media and cyberspace in a responsible and positive manner to promote Sans Souci and all who have walked her corridors;  endeavouring to always use negotiation and permissible peaceful processes to problem solve.

Individual WorthNurturing each person within our school community as a valued individual and encouraging the development of self-worth.

A Supportive, Disciplined Environment – Fostering a spirit of respect, caring, empathy and commitment to one another, to Sans Souci and the broader community; promoting the development of self-discipline, personal integrity, values and ethics. Emphasizing the importance of parental responsibility and partnership in supporting all that Sans Souci strives for in her Codes of Conduct, Behaviour and Involvement.

Spirit of Service – Implementing Sans Souci’s motto “Disce Prodesse” – Learn to be of Service.

Timeline - A glance at some of the Historic moments through the years