culture & societies

We have many cultural societies at Sans Souci which allow our girls the chance to meet up with other likeminded pupils within the school and participate in activities other than academics/sport:

Green Girls Society, One Way (Christian Society), Muslim Students Association, Debating Society, History Society, Interact, Thula Sizwe (Cultural society) and Business Student Association.


There are currently about 40 students who are members of the Sans Souci Interact Club.  Anyone from Grade 8 to Grade 12 is welcome to join.  It is a great opportunity for students to socialise across the grades.

The Club is sponsored by the Claremont Branch of Rotary International. The purpose of the Club is to be of service to others, particularly those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Club is also involved in serving the community around our School.  We are part of a collaboration with neighbouring schools and ‘The Friends of the Liesbeek River Association’ helping to clean a portion of the canalised part of the River.

The Club is involved in various initiatives where we spend time with under-privileged children and the intellectually disabled.  We are also planning a weekly sandwich drive called “Bread for my Buddy” to make sandwiches for those who are unable to obtain nourishment during the school day.

Rotary also has a Leadership development programme, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) that some of our students attend.  They also are able to apply to participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange programme which enables students to  explore new cultures and customs.

Sans Souci School Council

The Sans Souci School Council were previously known as the Prefects. The Prefects were a select group of Grade 12 pupils who were the “face” of the school. Their role was primarily to assist teachers with discipline and marketing of the school.

In 2018 the school wanted to empower this select group of girls to take initiative and nurture their leadership qualities. The Sans Souci School Council were established in 2018 and are sub-divided in smaller groups. Each one of these groups heads up a portfolio. There are seven portfolios: Academic Support, Culture and Diversity, Hygiene, Sport, Fundraising, Water and the Environment and Community Service.

Each portfolio is responsible for linking with other societies to start initiatives to promote their portfolio. We have seen several initiatives this year from clean-ups, forest walks, tips on exams, ensuring the cloakrooms are clean, sanitary towel drive etc.

The rationale behind these portfolios is to instill leadership qualities through initiatives to improve camaraderie amongst the young women. We are looking forward to new initiatives in the following term.


The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) plays a very important part in the life of Sans Souci. The responsibilities of  the RCL are:

Participation in school improvement planning and implementation

Communication with learners and other stake holders

Assisting in improving and implementing the service delivery function

Assisting in the creation of a purposeful and orderly learning environment.

To this end, the RCL has embarked on a number of leadership training programmes through the Soetwater Environmental Centre, the WCED and a leadership workshop run by WECTAC Leadership Academy.

The RCL has initiated a sandwich drive and a stationery drive to assist needy learners. The RCL is also involved in assisting the Peer Leaders in their various porfolios. 

We look forward to the end of term Party which the RCL is currently organising to celebrate the end of exams and the start of the June holidays.