Below is a breakdown of the 2023 school amounts that apply 


2023 Academic Fees

R38,455.00 p/a payable up front by the start of each year OR

R3845.50 p/m strictly from January to October

(10 equal payments per month)

2023 Music (if applicable)

Payable up front at the start of each term



Payable up front at the START of each TERM

R605.00 Levy per term                                                                      


2023 Art Supplies

(if applicable)

Payable up front by 31 January 2023

R680.00 per annum grades 8 & 9

R1100.00 per annum grades 10, 11 & 12

2023 Consumer Study Provisions (if applicable) (Grades 10, 11 ,12 only)

Payable up front by 31 January 2023

R1540.00 per annum

2023 ICT Maintenance Fee

(for all grades 8, 9, 10 & 11 learners)

Payable up front by 31 January 2023

R720.00 Personalized Educational Framework / Tablet Access / Access to School WiFi


(for all grades 8, 9, 10 ,11 & 12 learners)

Required by the 1st day of school year

To be purchased directly from iTsi Store. Contact Divan Liebenberg: divan.liebenberg@itschools.co.za for assistance.

SANS SOUCI GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL is a fee paying school.

Bank Details

Account name: Sans Souci Girls High School
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 025009
Account number: 071418849
Reference: Your daughter’s full name and your allocated account number when available

Debit Orders

The Sans Souci Finance Department uploads their Debit Orders mid-month/ end of each month. Any changes made to banking details must be received before these dates.  Debit order forms can be collected from the Finance office.

Discount on school fees – discount given for payments made in full by mid-February each year

10 monthly equal payments from 1st January to 1st October each year