Apply Now:

Enrolment will officially open at the end of January for each school year.

Application Forms:

Collect at reception Monday to Thursday 08h00 – 15h00

download APPLICATION FORM 2021 download Annexure a download Annexure b download Annexure c

Application forms for Grade 7 learners for Grade 8 will only be made available at our Grade 8 Open Day annually or may be collected from the school anytime thereafter. We urge that you and your child attend our Open Day which we host in February of each year, keep an eye on our calendar for full details each year. These Open Days are a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and experience what we at Sans Souci Girls’ High School have to offer.

Individual interviews take place with the parents and their daughters.

All families who choose Sans Souci and are accepted must be willing and able to support the ethos of the school. A condition of acceptance is that both parents and learners must read and sign an acknowledgment that they have understood and agree to support and abide by the school’s Code of Conduct as approved by the Governing Body and as amended from time to time.