Ruschda O’ Shea started teaching in 1995 in Langa at Ikamvalethu Finishing School, promoted to HOD in 1998 and Deputy in 2002 and Principal in 2009.

She has a 4yr HDE (Commerce) from CPUT and an ACE : Management and Leadership from UCT and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from GSB : UCT. She is a mom to a 15 year old son.

We both are huge sport fans and spend many hours at our local stadiums watching Rugby, Cricket and Soccer. Many hours are spent watching and discussing sport on television too. I enjoy going to our local theatres and supporting our local cultural and musical talents.

I love comedy and live music and support the music festivals we have here in the Western Cape. I volunteer with Food for Life and serve on the Board of SANCA and I am the President of the Progressive Principals Association ( PPA).